Warm Bodies, Cold Story


He was dead inside until he met her.

After class, me and my friends namely Grace, Edward, and Ken decided to watch a movie to stir up a moment to catch up with each other. It’s actually been long since we have bonded and gone out for a movie or dinner. Blame the elections, AGAIN. But now, I think we would be able to revive (for the lack of a better term) or cope up for the lost times. Again, BLAME ELECTIONS.

We went to SM Manila at around 9:20 PM or so to catch a probable screening of Mama (horror film) around 9:30. We had the liberty to check first the internet for the schedule. Upon arriving we were shocked that the movie schedule on the internet did not match with the ones in the Cinema. Mama has already started at 9:00 PM causing us to miss 25 minutes of the movie. Instead, I suggested to watch Warm Bodies (since I’ve been dreading to see it after I watched it’s trailer) and everybody conceded. I silently groaned in triumph. First, I don’t really like to watch horror movies or the likes of it. Second, I get to choose the movie. Third, I got free popcorn and drinks (courtesy of Ms. Grace Hicban). And lastly, movie was for free. What more could you ever ask for?

The movie started cute, preppy, and light. It became dragging at the middle. And took it off lightly at the end. As for the normal perception of people on movies pertaining to zombies, everyone actually thinks that it’s only about infestation, gore, and apocalypse. WELL, its partly true. I think those things really cannot be detached to zombies. The movie did also highlight infestation and zombie apocalypse but in this movie, they centralized the story in the unusual love story of a human and a zombie, which is actually the same breath why it became catchy.

In totality, the movie was chill and okay but I think it lacks of deeper substantiation of events. I may not have read the book before watching the movie, but I can still further say that I am right with that judgement. There were parts of the movie that I did not understand. Here are the ff:

  • I don’t get it why is there an existence of zombies and boneys in a perfectly human setting.
  • I also don’t understand how the hell did they cure themselves and suddenly been revived? All I get was they were revived thru the virtue and power of love (and I think that’s vague).
  • The part where R (Nicholas Hoult) jumped from a high area making a splash on the water having his head bumped on the pool floor then suddenly he’s human again. I don’t really get the logical explanation of it.

I don’t want to be a detractor of this movie, because in reality I am not. I actually like this movie. It’s within the category of movies that I personally like. But as a common viewer that I am, I can’t help it but notice the flaws. And I personally believe that I am entitled to have an opinion as a basic human right and I’m just exercising it.

Still, I get the moral value of the lesson which is the very reason why movies are created. That true love can come in any form. True love can be felt from anyone. And true love is eternal. It’s all about true love (which I don’t have as of the moment). Having that much to say, still, kudos to Jonathan Levine.

Still a must watch.

PS: I bet the book was better though.


Religion: Bottomline

There are things in life that we are encountering yet we do not ask questions about it. It’s like we have to do it or we have to have it without a reason because we never dared to ask. Our faith towards our religion to God is a good example. This gives us unanswered questions and doubts regarding our faith. One question still bugs my mind, “WHY AM I A CHRISTIAN”?

One Tuesday morning, during our theology class, our professor asked us to answer a hard question. I clearly remember what Sir Fritz has asked, “Class, let me ask you, Why are you a Christian?” I got confused, and began to ask myself, “Why am I a Christian, really?” Is there really a reason? And just then, right at that moment, I began to reflect and go back to my childhood.

As a kid who grew up in a province, I am not been a constant believer and a lover of God. My environment and people around it consider practical things like money-making, labor, and survival as the top priority. They always thinks first of what to eat and to be served in their tables when dinner time arrives. It’s a continuous cycle for them. And because of that, I tend to adapt to the things they believe and carry on in life. Being a kid with this kind of environment is hard. Especially when you are not one of them yet you hear their other principles in life that contradicts your own thinking or your family’s opinion about the certain matter. I came from a wealthy and powerful family. So, basically, my family doesn’t give any care to what they are facing or thinking because we do not really face those kinds of problems. But it doesn’t really affect much of me believing to those things.

In religion, they believe in God, yes, but they think that God is just there to watch you do things you must do to survive. No one could ever help anyone but themselves for that matter. Because of that, faith and love for God slowly diminishes for some of them, or should I say for some of us. Another factor is there hasn’t been an institution built or created imbued with Christian values to educate and guide us to redeem our faith. I am not saying that it is the only solution, but it would always contribute a big help in building and moulding people’s minds. Because of that, I developed cobwebs in my mind from my childhood at present for what is the reason behind me being a Christian. And at present I began to know why.

When I started studying in San Beda Colleges, one thing that shocked me was the theology class. Coming from a marketing school in the provinces, it’s a new class or endeavour for me.  I got mixed emotions when I attended my first class. And after attending classes after classes I began to visualize the answers to that question.

I am a Christian simply because I believe that Christianity is true.  On one level I can say that I am a Christian because my parents raised me that way.  If my parents raised me as an atheist or in some other religion, perhaps I would not be a Christian.  What would I be like if I had different parents or if I was raised in a different religion?  This is a speculative question, and the bottom line is that I simply do not know the answer.  But I like to think that I would be a Christian today even if my parents did not raise me that way.  I can honestly say that if I became convinced that Christianity was not objectively true, I would renounce my faith.  I am committed to truth and I believe that Christianity is true.  Hence I am a Christian.

But what made me convinced to become a Christian or continue to become a Christian? I got my reason. I have been convinced because now I learned and understand facts about God and the Bible. It motivated me to still believe and continue to become a Christian. And in becoming a Christian, I am safe.

I am a Christian because I am a son of God and simply because I chose to be one. All things start and end with choices. In every endeavour you’ll encounter situations that would require critical choices. It just depends on us if we want to take it or leave it.


How Does Generosity Add Up To Being Financially Successful

Do you consider yourself successful? If you said yes, let me help you put your success in perspective by asking you another question. Are the people in your life like friends, relatives, associates etc. – also enjoying reasonable success in their own life pursuits? Or are most of them struggling with various degrees of failure/frustration?

Do they seem to look at you in awe with little belief that they can ever be successful like YOU? If YES, then I suggest you take a close look at YOURSELF. Something is wrong and YOU may just be IT. By this I mean it is quite likely you may not be doing enough to EMPOWER those around you to achieve their own successes.

Throughout our life, we earn a lot, we save a lot, sometimes lot more than what we need but we hesitate to give out the little we earn/save. Giving or helping others in need is not liked by many. We feel that giving drains out our savings, but when it comes to spending on luxurious things, we readily empty our savings.

But many people who are authentically successful do it every day – I mean sharing. They don’t like to have others take the long, hard way when there is an easier and better alternative that can be used to achieve the same end. Consider all the wonderfully useful resources that today’s successful people give away through the Internet alone, and you will appreciate what I mean.

Funny thing is despite “sharing/revealing their secrets”, these generous hearted celebrities have not stopped being successful. On the contrary, they remain leaders in their various fields. If anything, they seem to grow in stature as they continue to share freely with others less fortunate than themselves!

In contrast, have you noticed that people who are “stingy” with knowledge/gifts they have, are often the greediest users of the gifts made freely accessible by the above mentioned successful persons. They only consume – and very rarely give for others to consume. They take, take, take and take.

Yet they wonder why they never really attain the heights of success that those who give freely do. Anyone who is guilty of being like this, needs to change for the better if s/he truly desires to achieve great heights of authentic success. S/he must begin to think of how to improve the lot of others around him/her even as s/he strives for more personal successes.

Sometimes, businessmen and entrepreneurs view sharing as a hindrance to financial success and business development. We can’t really blame them for thinking otherwise. Generosity or being generous contributes to the fulfilment and gratitude towards the business but it doesn’t do their business any good. Let’s face it, people works for a reason and does something for a cause or preferably something in return. But doesn’t it contribute anything in financial matters? Does it affect somebody else’s financial success?

Many fail to give back to our society because they insist they have the lack of two precious resources – time and money. However, those who are most successful often give more than 10% of their income away and spend countless hours volunteering and sharing their time and talents to bless others. That’s what we call generosity.

Generous help refers to helping others without expecting anything in return. Generosity is a very difficult virtue to practice. We should have a good heart and broad mind to be generous. It’s not necessary that you should be rich to be generous. You can share the little you have. Once you start to be generous, your desire to be generous goes on increasing. Generosity or sharing is not only for one’s sense of fulfilment but it can also affect one’s financial success not because it lessens their savings but because in the contrary, it builds it up. Generosity provides many advantageous points.

First point would be, generosity provides balance. Balance is about how you live your life and manage your business and people. When your life or business is out of balance, nothing works. Finding the right balance in your body, your mind, your life, and your business will help you refine your goals and hasten you towards them. It will lead to lasting success in your journey to improved health, spirit, and well-being. If your life is in flames, stop what you’re doing, quite your mind, step back and take a bird’s-eye view of your life. Drop any misconceptions you may have as to what you should be doing, and then re-balance your life.  As you regain the balance in your life, you will regain control.

Generosity builds up one’s public image. As we share more and give more to the people, the more it will reflect to the image you are trying to build up. If you have a good image or a presentable image as a businessman, that would also reflect on your business’ credibility as well. And by having a reliable and outstanding business’ credibility, investors and prospective clients would soon come your way which would lead to financial and authentic success.

Generosity provides financial independence. If you want to achieve financial independence, which means making a good living and enjoying a good life, where money enhances your well-being, not exacerbates your stress, give back and share to the less fortunate. Financial independence does not come from what you earn. It comes from what you do with what you have. No matter how sizable your salary, the money will slip through your fingers if you bypass this step. We just have to remember that if we have that chance to make a difference in somebody else’s life, and then grab it.

Remember, what you give becomes an investment that will return to you multiplied at some point in the future. When somebody shares, everybody wins. The amount you give isn’t important. What matters is what that amount represents in terms of your life. Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have. And that something is cannot be bought by money. It’s that something that is earned. And it can only be earned by a generous heart. So start sharing, and make a difference.


Colds, cough and growing up

Everybody hates the feeling of being sick most specially on school days or work days (for some). It makes you feel tired by not actually doing anything. It makes you be unproductive for the entire day. It will not let you work, or think, or move. It will just let you focus on suffering while you’re at it. It sucks. Being sick is hateful. Well for me it is since I have a lot of things to do. But I can’t do anything about it. Sucks.

I tried to medicate myself. At first I was having dry cough. And being the TV person that I am, I immediately thought of Sir Chief’s commercial of Tuseran for dry cough. So I bought lots of Tuseran. After a few takes of Tuseran, my cough developed phlegm. I realized that I’m taking the wrong medicine for Tuseran only treats dry cough. And with that, following Sir Chief’s commercial, I switched to Solmux. Not a Richard Yap fan though but thanks be to his TV ad. After some Solmux, I became feverish. Immediately, being the self-professed doctor of myself, I decided to buy and take Bioflu instead. I concluded that it was Flu. Since then, and until today, I am still taking self-prescribed Bioflu for medication. My fever was gone, but my colds and cough still remain. And I’m becoming impatient as days go by. I need to cure this thing so that I could work.

But amidst the struggle of finding the right drug to cure me, or even the unproductiveness of this sickly feel, it produced time for me to reflect somehow. I am now growing up. I am not a teenager anymore and it is not expected for my mom or other siblings to take care of me during this times. I should take immense effort to take care of myself and free myself from diseases. My job of taking care of my health becomes clearer. Since I’m in that awkward stage between teenager and young adult, I have come across the fact that I am now a young adult. And I should be and feel one.

“Kailangan ko pa palang magkasakit para marealize yun.” said one tweet I read. I’m a grown up now and it’s my choice to uphold it. We all should be too.


Doing the derivatives on “internship”

At this point in time where I’m writing towards the topic “internship”, it can be best assumed that I already finished mine. But, sadly, I’m still in the process of finishing it. If you’d ask why, they’ll be a lot of reasons that I can give you but the bottomline of it is, it is simply because I failed to do so, end-of-story.

Don’t pull out your drama lines like, “Bakit ka ganyan? Depressed ka ba?”, or your responsible lines like, “Tapusin mo na yan! Ano ka ba! Ayaw mo bang grumaduate! Para sa future mo yan!”. I know that already and I’ve heard a lot of versions of it too so nothing could be more original than the other. All I’m saying is, I’m aware and I know what is the rightful thing to do so don’t push it hard to my face.

I’m sad that I’m still in this phase, but it gets more sad to think that everything was because of me. Seeing my other schoolmates, friends, and coleagues finally stress free and happy for they’d already finished their own “internships” else where makes me feel crappy. It feels like I am the only one left with this dilemma, well not quite, there’s Archeeno. Haha. But kidding side, I really wanted to finish my hours, but something’s always getting in the way. But I have to manage it now, sooner or later, or else my graduation will suffer.

But with all the drama by which this “internship” frustrates me, experiencing this is a phenomenal learning. It can best tagged with the cliche, “Experience is the best teacher”, so it goes. I am blessed to have a more than healthy work environment. My superiors in the workplace are jolly, vibrant, and always happy.

The company is composed of a few diligent working individuals and it’s a bliss to learn from them from time to time. I think the affirmation of having women over men as workers in the office because they work efficiently than the latter applies most in where I’m currently working.

I am “currently” working as a Junior Researcher at Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines, Inc. in their National Office. Having tagged as national office does sounds like having a lot of work to manage. And a lot of work means a lot of workers. That’s quite true with CFIP but not really much. There is a lot of work, believe me, but there isn’t a lot of workers. 4 women workers and one man boss to conquer lots of work. Tough job, really.

But behind the enormous workload and all that stress, what’s surprising about this company is that they continue to maintain the “healthiest” as I tag it, working environment there is. During working hours we get to laugh and throw jokes at each other while phone calls are everywhere. Everyone manages to share a smile even amidst stress of deadlines. I am blessed to have worked and experienced this. Having the opportunity to meet and continue to interact with amazing people behind CFIP truly is a glorious phase. If ever I’ll be employed someday, I wish I could have the same healthy environment that they have in mine. Because of this, corporate world isn’t that toxic after all. I may live thinking that the corporate world is just another world of different people. It can always be a community after all.

So to speak. 😛

PS: I think the company should pay me for this positive write up. 😛

That Twilight Saga Effect

For the past few days, I’ve been struggling to write something to post on this blog site. It’s not that I slack off much often or chose to get lazy on my bed and pillows. I really do intend to write something on this, but the problem is, I can’t seem to find that magical source of inspiration. This problem has haunted me for months now and I’m just thankful that I had figured it out somehow. I foresee myself as a frustrated writer, and the way I see it, I need to visualize my inspiration. Yes, VISUALIZE. As told, there are a lot of inspirations available around us. But the thing is, we failed to extract it somehow. The past few months has been hard. Challenging my ways to somehow negotiate Mr. Inspiration to give me some.

I decided to catch up with some movies that I failed to watch for some reasons, one of them is Breaking Dawn Part 2. I know, I know. I’m too outdated with movies. But what the heck, I’ve been busy. Like everybody else say as they put that great excusable tone to disguise themselves, by which I am using now, admittedly. Watching it for the first time did some wonders though. As I ended this movie, I began to think and react to what I saw. And it created this urge to write this post. Having that social dictate or theory that I should be needing to visualize my inspirations in order to generate them came amidst to reality. It had dawned on me that as I came close to the ends of the movie, a lot of thoughts are flooding my membranes and it shocked me momentarily. Being that conscious of how I predicted my social construct was impeccable. But to deconstruct it, I began to analyze each point that has made this happen.

First, maybe it was because of the type of movie I was watching. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a fantasy film, created with fictional characters, settings, and the likes that made the limits or bounds of visualizing that inspiration limitless. Second, maybe it was because of that emotions the movie triggered during the entire course that I was watching it. It moved me, really. The movie touched that emotional core within me.

Whatever it maybe, I thank the ones who gave this to me. I am now reminded that if I should settle to write something, I just need to watch a fresh movie to extract some inspirations within. This has proved of how much of an emotional writer I am.

Thanks be to the Twilight Saga. Until my next movie.

The under-appreciated beauty of Vespers and Lauds

The under-appreciated beauty of Vespers and Lauds

The service of Vespers is, I think, dramatically under-appreciated today. The temptation for us busy people is to reduce our church-going to Sunday mornings only, and let other important services like vespers and lauds be disregarded. Since we under-appreciate Vespers, it often tends to be in the list of other things we see relatively unimportant. But the way I see it, Vespers should be really regarded with importance.

For the first time, I have attended the service of vespers at the Abbey of Our Lady of Montserrat in San Beda College. Honestly, my perception towards the whole experience beforehand was blurry and questioning. For a catholic, attending Sunday masses is already a religious practice. But as I come to this experience, I have come to realize that Sunday masses are not the only services that the church offers. With this realization, I grew more curiosity in me about the service of vespers.

As the service progresses, I feel that familiar warmth of attending church services and that feeling of being engrossed towards the whole experience. But in the case of vespers, I have come to see it as more relatively rejuvenating more than the Sunday masses. It is a bliss to see the monks singing and chanting their prayers and it creates this certain effect of holiness towards the attendees. The whole experience was a serene and exhilarating moment for a first timer like me. If I would be given a chance to live close to a church, I will abuse myself in attending the service of Vespers.

The service of Vespers provides a good conclusion to the day. But it also prepares us to greet the coming day, since the day begins not with morning, but with evening. The restful repose we receive from God is His gift to us to prepare us for the challenges of the coming day. And that principle makes vespers really important.

For many of us who do not live close to a church or monastery where Vespers is served every day, ending each day with Vespers is not possible. But certain of its prayers can still be offered at home privately. Rather than ending the day by watching telenovelas and then falling into bed thinking about all the evil and temptations we have seen on screen, how much better to end the day by singing to God, by chanting one of the Vesperal psalms or hymns. I think if we can commit into this practice, the challenges of the coming days ahead will seem to be lighter than ever before.

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Dukha ng Lansangan

In the noisy street of Aurora Boulevard in Sta. Mesa, Manila lived a guy named Bert. He is a voluntary street sweeper in front of Puregold at the same area. He does the sweeping in the morning till afternoon without getting paid. Nobody knows why he does it, but for the store owner, he finds it beneficiary for his business. He doesn’t have to rent somebody to do the sweeping for Bert is doing it for free.

Bert doesn’t have a family, a home, finances, and clothing unlike everybody else. When everyone is sleeping in their mattresses, Bert is sleeping in bridges, streets, and pavements. He walks around the area sweeping and picking up things he might use and put it in his black sack where he practically put the things that are really valuable, in his perspective. He considered all the things in his sack his treasures. From used toothbrushes, twigs, and clean plastics to styro cups, disposed utensils, and dirty clothes, he stores them all in a sack and carries it with him wherever he goes. The sack becomes his pillow during the night.

Even with his situation, he doesn’t beg for money from others. He doesn’t want to stick around with the rest of the beggars pleading for money. Instead, he roams around and sell plastic bags and do street sweeping for other business. He refused not to work for his money. Even in his inglorious state, he remains a principled man.

One day, he got sick. He got a fever due to sleeping in a wet and cold floor. With his condition, he can’t seem to work and continue his daily routine as a street sweeper and because of that he doesn’t have enough finances to support himself for the day and to cure his sickness as well. With a weak body, he positioned himself in a bridge where some of the beggars are staying, seeking for help from them. The other beggars, refused to help him and he understand why. They practically live the same life, so even they do not have any extra finances to spare for his sickness. But being as hospitable, the beggars suggested something to him which came as a surprise. The beggars suggested that he follow them and join them in pleading for money. According to the beggars, due to his present condition, he might have a better chance of attracting pity to those passer by’s and by doing so they’ll give him a lot of money. This act could actually save him from hunger and sickness. Even if it is against his principles, he accepted their suggestion and joined them in pleading money.

After hours of pleading, the beggars were right, he did actually have a lot more money, a lot more than he earns in street sweeping. He cured his sickness, and from then on he retired in street sweeping and joined the other beggars in pleading for money.

Bamboo on Election Drama


While listening to Bamboo’s newest album “No Water, No Moon”, I had come to think of things that I may not have thought of before. Yes Bamboo has that effect on me, maybe not Bamboo himself, but his songs in general. Songs has this effect on people which dozes them off to an unreal situation where imaginations and what if’s float. It encourages you to think, not just only think but reflect on the things that has happened. Oh Bamboo how your songs make to a man.

Like the previous post, yes I am still hinged to what has happened 2 days ago. And I think this feeling will continue to haunt me for months. Unhealthy it may be but I will savor this sadness and make it as if it has been made for me because I know in the nearest future, this sadness will serve it’s purpose.

Post election drama, sickness, nausea. Whatever you call it or name it, I have it. Even if the elections are over, I still watch our campaign videos and still has that urge to share it to people on my page. I still watch it with pride. Just like when I see pictures of our slate, I still would like to share it and advertise it on my page to show my support for them. I guess this elections really did took its toll on me. it hit me so hard that I get knocked out and still suffer the after-effects.

But just like break-ups, I know that what I’m currently undergoing is part of that mending phase. Although I feel like I’m still stuck on Step 1, I know that I am not alone in this struggle. Atleast I am not crying anymore as I was 2 days ago.

Now, as I finish Bamboo’s song “Ikot ng Mundo”, i also end this with his line “..there must be some other way, lead me from land to water while we walk on pure faith this I believe..”

PS: I think Bamboo should thank me for this article. Just Kiddin.

Coping up with depression, political that is.

Depression. Not a very fascinating state to be in.

Often times, curiosity strikes us to unravel what this certain state offer. Is it a challenging phase? Is it a phase of life wherein we indulge ourselves in breaking and shattering? Or is it a beautiful phase of realizations and acceptance? Either of which, depression is something we feel. Something I feel that resulted me to this post. It is inevitable.

Depression can come in any form and shape of source. Other types of depression offsets the sanity amongst people while other types tend to challenge the norm. And I’m in the verge of identifying the type of depression I am currently facing. I came across a blog which concerns the steps in coping up with certain kinds of depression, and as of what I have read, “realizations may only arise if you begin to talk about your depression to others.” And here it is. Kudos to you anonymous blogger.


San Bigkis Party has been a part of my life, system, and being in college. Because of San Bigkis I have come to optimize and take a gamble on my potentials which SBP believes I possess. In my perspective, I know that any person anywhere they maybe has a potential hidden somewhere within their core. That no person is not capable of doing anything they desire. But having that acknowledgement from other people creates a different push. One can be inspired by his or her own principles to do something, but it is a greater bliss for a person to push through even more if there are people out there who believes in what he can do. At this point, I am thankful for San Bigkis for giving me that courage. Then and until now, I have loved the party constantly and to materialize this love, I oath to serve the party the best way I can.

Last February 15, 2013 was a challenging event for the whole party. We lost the battle. We lost the General Elections garnering no seats in the Student Council. Having the majority of seats last year with 7-2 and to this year’s downfall of 0-9 is unbelievable. The thought haunts us as a party. It caused enormous depression to the whole party most especially to our candidates who ran for the positions. Having 9 crying and depressed candidates, countless tears had sprung.

But this moment didn’t break our family. Instead, it glued us even more. It defined the real meaning of being a family to us and it transpired to us because of this defeat. That at the end of the day, we still have a family who will care and love us no matter what. Yes it is a test of courage. But we overcome it. We rise above it. We make it our own. Cause as we pride ourselves as a family, we collectively claim, “We are our VICTORY, We are our DEFEAT, We are a FAMILY, NO MATTER WHAT!”.

As a true San Bigkis we shout, “A MAN IS NOT FINISHED WHEN HE IS DEFEATED, HE IS FINISHED WHEN HE QUITS.” With pride, we will bounce back and rise above this challenge. Because in everything that we do, what matters most is we don’t stop. WE WILL NEVER STOP INSPIRING PEOPLE.


SBP Solid.


Seeking for that one interest..

Upon experiencing many things for the past three years in college, I began to question myself on where do I really stand. What is my interest? What is my calling? All of us are searching for that one thing that would keep us motivated throughout our lives. That particular something that would ignite passion towards living and makes us feel genuinely secure. For some, they are lucky for they already know what they want in life from the very start and has a vivid vision of what they want to become in the future. As for me, I am one of the unlucky ones. The ones who keep searching for that certain field that would be considered as a lifetime interest. That particular someone who tries everything to know what are the thing he’s good at and hoping that someday he will find it. But sadly, I’m still in the searching phase of that long-lost calling. Yes, life could be really unfair.

Let’s run down a couple of possibilities I want to happen in my life after I graduate.

A lawyer.

I am planning to take up Bachelor of Laws in either San Beda or Ateneo, two of the best law schools in the Philippines. I am always fascinated with the promising cliche’ of the lawyers. They are said to be the ones who defend the opressed ones. But that does not convince me. One of the reasons why I want to take up Law is because being a lawyer is a job that everybody looks up to. When you’re a lawyer, everybody looks at you so grandly and some may have the notion that you’re practically one of the most intellectual persons so to speak. That is partly true. But what bothers me is that, pratically wise, there are already a lot of lawyers out there and the chances of being a successful and “employed” lawyer gets slimmer as time goes by. Which leads me to option number 2.

A Professor

One of my plans after I graduate with my degree in Economics is to continue furthering my knowledge in it. I am eyeing out to have my Masters in Political Economy at University of Asia and the Pacific. As you may have noticed, I am not contented with an undergraduate degree per se. I want to optimize myself by actually upgrading my educational attainment. One of the professions also that I see myself enjoying is being a college professor. Personally, I have the highest regards to those professors who hone students to become not just a better student, but a better person. I want to be one of them if given a chance. But still, I can’t seem to commit myself into settling my mindset to be a professor someday. That leaves me to my final option.

A Politician.

Leading people is something that runs in the family. Having my whole clan as a bunch of political leaders, I have yet the biggest opportunity to try myself in the political arena. My mom actually sees me as one of the leaders that would run our town, just like her. I don’t have anything against politicians but what I do not want to experience for the rest of my life is the politics in itself. I have this certain idea that politics here in our country is dirty and dark which cannot be easily supressed. That saddens me. I would want to be a politician to serve those people who believe in me but I think the politics in itself is the real thing that scares me. Maybe if politics would be a little less war-like, I could settle to love this opportunity. But as of now, I can’t commit yet.

It is a struggle for me to find that particular something that would be my calling. But still, I’m not giving up. It may be a bumpy ride to search for it, but nonetheless, I’ll not stop seeking for it. Because I know, somewhere out there, I’ll find the missing piece. We’ll just have to keep searching without stopping.